FWU Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN: 1995-1272

Current Issue

1. Work-Family interface and women school heads: A Pakistan case
2. A Critical Enquiry of Racism within the idioms of religion in America
3. A Study on Reporting of Sexual Harassment by Working Women in Lahore-Pakistan
4. Erosion of Kalasha’s Religio-Cultural Identity in Northern Pakistan: Context, Causes and Implications
5. Transition from Pre-Service Training to Classroom: Experiences and Challenges of Novice Teachers in Pakistan
6. Emotional Intelligence and Multitasking Ability Predictors of Marital Adjustment of Working Married Individuals
7. Pragmatic Transfer in Pakistani English Speakers Apology Responses: Impact of Social Power
8. Investigation of Informationand Communication Technology(ICTs) related resources and Prospective Teachers’ Competencies in ICTs at University Level
9. Determinants of Life Meaningfulness among Recovering Substance Users
10. Perceived Authentic Leadership Practices, Organizational Climate and Team Innovativeness in Employees of Multinational Companies
11. Knowledge Management and Employee’s Performance in Telecommunication Industry
12. Crisis and Conflict: Reforming Through Transforming Political-Administrative Structure of Fata
13. Does Social Capital Greases or Sands the Wheels of Corruption: A Panel Data Analysis
14. Marriage in Islam: An Analytical Study with a Special Focus on Non-Traditional Marriages in Pakistan
15. Social Semiotic Multimodal Representations of Gender Identity in Pakistani Documentary Film Saving Face