FWU Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN: 1995-1272


Aims and Scope

FWU Journal of Social Sciences is an open access journal. The main objective of the journal is to disseminate scientific knowledge and generate debate in an interdisciplinary context, linking the different areas of social sciences such as anthropology, economy, political science, history, sociology, psychology, education and mass communication. The journal is focused on the analysis of societies, on the study of social problems. Thus, it is contributing to a qualitative and social transformation. This will help to the societies' development with a rigorous scientific basis, internationally proved.
With this approach, the journal also aims to reflect the outcomes of the major global research in social sciences, published articles related to researches, relevant theoretical contributions, which have contributed to the creation of knowledge related to the broad field of social sciences studies. In a multidisciplinary way, FWU Journal of Social Sciences pretends to achieve critical and scientific debate based on evidences that contribute to the theoretical and empirical knowledge.