FWU Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN: 1995-1272

FWU Journal of Social Sciences Summer 2017, Vol.11, No.1

1 Art and Architecture of Pharwala Fort, Islamabad
2 Does Internal Migration Make Difference? An In-depth Study to Explore the Change in Socio-economic Status and Gender Relations between Internal Migrant Families
3 Jihadist Ideology in Pakistan and Javed Ahmad Ghamidi’s Counter Narrative
4 The Effect of Price Level on output Per Worker: Evidence from Asian Developing Countries
5 Strategic Alignment between Competitive Strategy Dimensions and Supply Chain Strategy Dimensions
6 Budgetary Allocations, Literacy Rate and Number of Primary Schools in District Peshawar, Pakistan: Linkages and Empirical Evidence
7 Reflection and the Theory-Practice Conundrum in Initial Teacher Education in the UK
8 Afghan Factor in the Rise of Militancy in FATA
9 Moderators of Association between Adolescent’s reports of Parent-child Relationship and Adolescent Aggression
10 Service Quality Attributes and Customer Loyalty: Case Study of Pakistan International Air Line
11 Critical Analysis of Journalistic Autonomy in Pakistan
12 Narrative Stone Reliefs from Nimogram Buddhist Complex Swat, Pakistan: Its History and Analysis
13 Gender Quotas as an Instrument for Women’s Empowerment in Legislatures
14 The Episode of Unsuccessful Attempt of Measuring the Gautama Buddha in Gandhara Sculpture: Socio-religious Background and Iconographic Symbolism
15 (Meta)Cognition in Comprehension: Understanding Multimodal Processing
16 Female Gender Portrayal through News Blogs: Analyzing the Ideological Representation of Pakistani Working Women
17 Reason and Revelation: A comparative study of Rational and Traditional Schools of Thought
18 Islamic Reformism, the Modern State and the Reified Chishtī Sufi Shrine Cult of the Punjab
19 Comparative Analysis of the Vision of Quality Education of different Political Parties in Pakistan
20 Institutional Investment and Stock Returns Volatility at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)
21 Disputed Subjects of Paris Climate Agreement, 2015
22 Spousal Psychological Violence, Coping Strategies and Psychological Well-Being in Married Women
23 Attitude toward Honour Killing Among Honour Killers, Murderers and a General Population Sample
24 The Development and Validation of Temperament Scale for University Students
25 Growth Effects of Fiscal Decentralization: The Role of Macroeconomic Stability and Governance Institutions
26 Analyzing Symbiosis between Spirituality and Professional Commitment(A Case Study of Private Higher Educational Institutes of Peshawar)
27 An Empirical Analysis of Multidimensional Poverty in Pakistan
28 Workplace Harassment: Psychological Effects and Coping Strategies in Public and Private Organizations of Lahore-Pakistan
29 Impact of Socio Economic Status on Social Support, Social Loneliness, Emotional Loneliness and Social Isolation of older adults
30 Roadmap for Ensuring Good Governance in Islamic Perspective
31 The Forecasting of Coal Consumption in Pakistan (1972-2015)