FWU Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN: 1995-1272

FWU Journal of Social Sciences Summer 2016, Volume.10, No.1

1. Four Frame Leadership and Students Academic Achievement.
2. Analysis of teh Effects of Working Capital Management on Profitability of Listed Nigerian Conglomerate Companies.
3. Strategies to Overcome Work Barriers An Exploratory Study of Women Exceutives in Pakistan.
4. Positive and Negative aftermath of the Trauma An overview of the relationship.
5. Exploring Leadership Styles of School Administrators in Pakistan.
6. The Mediating Role of Depression, Anxiety and stress between job strain and turnover intention among male and female teachers.
7. Impact of Information overload on Studnts learning An Empirical Approch.
8. Role of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Freedom Movement Case study of Abdul Wali Khan.
9. The Leadership Role of Secondary School Principals and Its Impact on Students Academic Achievment.
10. The Representation of Boys and Girls Activities in School Textbooks.
11. Anxiety and Depression A study of Diabetic Types.
12. Effect of Organizational Politics on Job Performance The Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence.
13. The Role of Traditional Social Network in teh Disasters Vulnerabilities Reduction Study of Pakistans Earthquake 2005 Disaster.
14. School Heads Perceptions about Electronic Teaching Technologies in Secondary Schools of Peshawar KP.
15. Determinants of Quality of Life and Well Being in Rural and Urban Areas of KP.
16. Resilience in Adolescents A validation study of a resilience scale for adolescents.
17. Ex Post Impact of Migrants on Native and Destination Areas A Study of Chitral and Peshwar.
18. The Battle of Badar From Challenge to Chance.
19. From Cautious Distance to Pro Active Involvement A Historical Analysis of Gradual Shift in Pakistan Policy Towards Afghanistan.
20. Party Ientification as a determinant of Voters Behaviour in KP.
21. The US Military Engagemtn in Afghanistans Turmoil An ANalysis of Security Situation of Afghanistan.