FWU Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN: 1995-1272

FWU Journal of Social Sciences Winter 2017, Vol.11, No.1

1. Temporal and Spatial Variations in Human Development Across the Districts of Punjab, Pakistan
2. Positive Human Nature –Echoes of Qurān from the Mouths of Shakespearean Dramatis Personae:(A Comparative Study)
3. Political Rhetoric; Slogan Politics in Pakistan and Role of Parliament
4. Iran-Pakistan Relations: Challenges, Constraints and Opportunities
5. CPEC: A Roadmap of Region’s Development
6. Pay Disparity among Employees of the Federal Government of Pakistan and the Mediating Role of Motivation between Pay Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
7. The Relationship of Employees’ Performance Appraisal Satisfaction with Employees’ Outcomes: Evidence from Higher Educational Institutes
8. Comparative Effect of Communicative Approach of teaching on Male and Female Students’ Retention in L2
9. Debt Specialization within Profitability Sub-Groups: A New Perspective of Debt Structure Choices
10. Institutional Investors as Monitors of Corporate Managers: A Case Study of Pakistan’s Cement Industry and Food and Personal Care Products’ Industry
11. News As Infotainment: A Discourse Analysis of Top Pakistani Cable News Channels
12. An Analysis of Teachers’ Deviant Behavior and its Impact on Students’ Academic Performance
13. Parental Acceptance-Rejection, Self Esteem and Self Control Among Street Children
14. China’s Rise in the International System: A Natural Reality
15. Women’s Political Participation in Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2013 General Elections of Pakistan
16. Pukhtunwali and its Depiction in Pakistani Advertising
17. Religiosity Measurement: A Case Study of Christian Missionary and Islamic Schools in Rawalpindi and Islamabad
18. What is Under the Layer: Leadership Practices of Public School Headteachers in Pakistan
19. University Leaders’ Perceptions and Contextual Realities for Encouraging Intercultural and Multicultural Harmony in Higher Education Institutions Sindh- Pakistan
20. The Gandhara is Mikri Ellayda (Greek Influence on Gandhara Art and Architecture)
21. Influence of Gender, Professional Qualification and Job Experience on Secondary School Teachers’ Self-Efficacy